Leadership from a distance

Speakers: one to two counsellors, depending on the number of the participants
Participants: Online: 6 - 8; Attendance: 10-12

Since the Corona pandemic at the latest, many of us have learned to work or lead with each other at a distance. Relationship dynamics in virtual space differ from analogue contact. This particularity must be taken into account in order to create closeness despite distance.

An important part of leadership is to establish a good emotional connection with staff and teams. In the virtual space, it is often not easy to find or maintain this connection. Closeness is no longer created in the daily side conversations in the coffee kitchen, through gestures and facial expressions, through physical presence or through the energy in the room, but must now be planned.

Successful leadership from a distance relies on the key components of structure and connection. A good structure provides support, both for the content and for the emotional.

In this Masterclass you will learn, for example:

  • Planning of an online meeting incl. suitable technical tools
  • Creativity in virtual space: how you manage to transport the atmosphere of the coffee kitchen into the digital world
  • Communication and feedback digital
  • Provide emotional support in virtual space
  • Team collaboration digital