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Über Disziplin und Neuanfänge – Der M19-Newsletter Plus

Veröffentlich am 2022-12-05 12:03:33
Was uns beschäftigt Seit wir unseren letzten Newsletter verschickt haben, sind viele Monate vergangen und das Jahr neigt sich schon wieder dem Ende zu. Unser selbstgestecktes Ziel von 3-4 Newslettern pro Jahr werden wir also verfehlen. Das hat zur Folge, dass wir als Team am eigenen Leib erfahren, wie es sich anfühlt, ein Ziel nicht zu erreichen und damit umgehen...

On the need to adapt - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2022-04-25 12:40:00
What concerns us Humans are characterised by a high degree of adaptability: When external circumstances change, we usually adjust and adapt our behaviour. Especially when the change in circumstances is massive and leaves little room for non-reaction. At the beginning of the Ukraine war, this could be seen in politics with the issue of "arms delivery...

About Mondays - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2021-12-08 09:39:03
What keeps us busy... How do you actually make sure that as a consultant you do high-quality work, don't get caught up in the dynamics of the client system and keep coming up with fresh ideas and solutions? At M19, we have created the "Monday Planning Day" format as an answer to this question. Mondays belong to us as a team. They are our ritual to get well and happy in...

On Displacement - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2021-12-08 09:23:47
What's on our minds New Zealand's kiwis are singing again, there are wind turbines that make it rain and Sierra Leone abolishes the death penalty.Good news in times like these seems to have become a rarity - the climate crisis, the Afghanistan tragedy and, again and again, Corona creep to the fore and are hard to bear.Our psyche is beset by these impressions and we feel...

Contemporary about ambivalence - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2021-12-08 09:18:25
What's on our minds We want to go to the Algarve and the borders to Portugal are closed again, we see celebrating football stadiums and the wave of the Delta variety is rolling towards us, we long for live encounters at work and appreciate the flexibility of the new digital way of working.This tugs at our tolerance of tension for opposing sensations and makes ambivalence a permanent condition. What could help here:Radical...

About the "serious attention" - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2021-12-03 07:28:53
What keeps us busy So now the third wave... no real Easter holidays, spring indeed, but Pentecost not in Rome... But gradually: more natural connecting online, toasting each other with a coffee cup or wine glass, today with Chicago, tomorrow with Singapore. Serious attention would be our term for this: when we deal with each other in an attentive and listening way, when we connect with each other in cooperation in a benevolent way. How precious such moments are becomes...

In Praise of Serenity - The M19 Newsletter plus

Published on 2021-03-23 12:45:11
What's on our minds... And again and still is Lockdown - but no longer exciting and shocking as in March 2020, but rather tiring. Missing: Contact, culture and culinary delights! The mood is more irritable and debates are more polarised. We find ourselves in camps depending on how we handle Corona. And we watch CNN, stunned, as...

We need community! - The first M19 newsletter plus

Published on 2020-11-03 14:46:00
What's on our minds... Now it's that time again: we have "lockdown light", most events are being switched from presence to a virtual format. With the shift to digital, we are all thinking about things that seemed self-evident just a year ago: What characterises good collaboration? How do we establish participation and dialogue? What place do emotions get...

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