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What keeps us busy...

And again, and still, Lockdown is - but no longer exciting and harrowing as it was in March 2020, but rather tiresome. Missing: Contact, culture and culinary delights! The mood is more testy and debates are more polarised. We find ourselves in camps depending on how we handle Corona. And we watch stunned on CNN as escalating camp thinking erupts in the storming of the Capitol.

Which helps us with M19: We rediscover stoicism and take what comes. Less drama ("Now was the winter of our discontent..." - Shakespeare's King Richard III), more acceptance, sobriety and contemplation (listen again to "Winter" from Vivaldi's Seasons!).

In our experience, it takes a little planning to get into such a more relaxed "state of mind": Living self-care means, for example, using breaks that arise in online work due to the omission of travel time as such and not scheduling them immediately. Maybe coaching and jour-fixe conversations by phone while walking in nature, moving, stepping out, breathing deeply.

The current situation offers us a "second chance":

  • What did we set out to do in the last Lockdown, but didn't really think through and implement?

Now is the time!

To support you in this, we want to give you some food for thought and something to breathe with this M19 newsletter issue.

For you: To apply

The current pandemic situation means that we experience uncertainty more often because we have (perceived) less control over our life situation and our own scope for decision-making. Higher feelings of insecurity are often accompanied by stress and greater exhaustion. Especially in such times, it is important to take good care of oneself and to shape one's own life in order to experience more control.

Our overview "Self-leadership in the home office - basics for good planning and structure". summarises important tips that will help you establish better routines and clearer organisation of your working life at home. This link will take you to the free download.

For you: To listen

Also in our podcast "Insight out" we deal in one episode with the topic "Self-leadership in the home office" and discuss strategies and tips for making the best use of the advantages offered by the home office on the basis of a case study.

In our latest episodes within our thematic series "Relationship Dynamics in the World of Work" we talk about "Leading Wolves and Scapegoats" and how to work in the context of "Envy and competition" deals with. Using case studies and our experience, we answer questions such as:

  • What happens when individuals become scapegoats in groups and what opportunities are missed as a result?
  • Why is it so easy to use the moral cudgel when it comes to envy, even though we all know the feeling?
  • To what extent does competition awaken the sporting spirit?

We'd love to have you listen in and look forward to your feedback!

Listen in now!

For you: To join in

We would like to get together with you again - at least virtually! Our online seminars on "Leadership from a distance" and "Active breathing in the home office" combine psychological expert input with the opportunity to receive suggestions from interesting colleagues.

Leadership from a distance

At least since the Corona pandemic, many of us have learned to work or lead at a distance from each other.

Relationship dynamics in virtual space differ from analogue contact. This particularity must be taken into account in order to create closeness despite distance.

This masterclass is about what makes communication and feedback effective in the virtual space and how to stay connected with and within your team - both in terms of content and emotion.

Annika Weber as a psychologist and Markus Zimmermann from the perspective of an economist will design this masterclass based on their own and your experiences.

You are welcome to ask tricky questions in advance that particularly concern you Mail

MI., 17.03.2021, 3.30 - 7.30 P.M.

Click here for more information and to register

Breathing easy in the home office

Home office is not only mentally but also physically exhausting. In our online seminar, we combine physical exercises with psychological strategies to help you "survive" better in the home office.

BREATHE! Breathe and move

Everyone knows that this is important, but how do we integrate it well into the home office? Self-testing and exercises by physiotherapist Philipp Mack help here

THINKING PACES! Structure and real contact

This is precisely what we lack in the home office, how can we make it good for us again? Psychological input and exercises by psychologist Sina Feuerstein help here.

THURSDAY,11.02.2021, 3.30-19.30 P.M.

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