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New Zealand's kiwis are singing again, there are wind turbines that make it rain and Sierra Leone abolishes the death penalty.
Good news in times like these seems to have become a rarity - the climate crisis, the Afghanistan tragedy and always Corona are creeping to the fore and are hard to bear.
Our psyche is beset by these impressions and we feel powerless - unconsciously we then protect ourselves from these issues with repression or denial.
Displacement is a phenomenon that we also know from our everyday professional life. It is often healthy not to constantly expose ourselves to problems that are difficult to solve. However, if we repress for too long, especially when it comes to issues that are relevant to action, this can have fatal consequences.
In psychology, there is a simple paradox: the more we don't want something, the more it comes back. Like a punching ball, we are confronted with our own forces of repression.
If you want to escape from this trap of repression and powerlessness, the following proven steps can help:

  1. Accept problem: the subject exists and has meaning and is allowed to penetrate my consciousness
  2. Formulate ambivalence: what do I gain by solving the problem vs. letting it persist?
  3. Brainstorming: what are the possible solutions?
  4. Realistic assessment of success: what influence can I really perceive?
  5. DecisionWhich solution do I choose?
  6. Implementation: take a first step
  7. Embracing success: Focus on success, not failure 

Problem solving works primarily through self-efficacy

  • at the News, that beset us, we can ask ourselves: what do I have to accept as a given without letting myself be swamped at the same time? Where can I make my own contribution?
  • In our Everyday business we can shape communication about problems in such a way that managers and employees see the possibilities where they themselves can make a difference and exert influence, and thus do not have to close their eyes to what is difficult.

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In our video "Leadership and Followership We look at how managers can encourage active participation of their employees in difficult issues and create a Form a leadership community can. This helps to carry something together even in difficult situations.

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In our podcast "Insight out" we look at the following in the episode "The Unconscious - the Secret Power" how much of what we undertake is determined by the unconscious. We ask ourselves: When is repression good and when does it do harm? How do we use the creative potential of our unconscious?

We'd love to have you listen in and look forward to your feedback!

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