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What keeps us busy

We want to go to the Algarve and the borders to Portugal are closed again, we see celebrating football stadiums and the wave of the Delta variety is rolling towards us, we crave live encounters at work and appreciate the flexibility of the new digital way of working.
This tugs at our Voltage tolerance for opposing sensations and allows ambivalence to become a permanent condition.
What could help here:
Radical acceptance, a concept from Zen Buddhism and mindfulness made popular by psychotherapist and researcher Marsha Linehan*: truly accepting existing dilemmas as a given, without constantly sullenly fighting against them. And then, in a dialectical movement, mobilise energy for change strategies. This means: being in contact with powerlessness but also awakening and maintaining our inner mobility.

Maybe this can help you small parabola help with this:

A monk who was completely focused on the inner life was asked why he could always be so happy despite his many occupations.

He said:

"When I stand, I stand,
when I go, I go,
when I sit, I sit,
when I eat, I eat,
when I love, I love ..."
Then the questioners interrupted him and said:
"So do we, but what do you do beyond that?"
He said again:
"When I stand, I stand,
when I go, I go,
when I ... "
Again the people said:
"But so do we!"
But he said to them:
"No -
if you are sitting, you are already standing,
if you're standing, you're already walking,
if you run, then you have already reached your destination."

In our current newsletter, we give you handouts that you can use in
can support an attitude of tolerance for ambivalence.

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In our recent article from the Harvard Business Review on the topic of "a fair way to lead a team of Contractors and Full-Time Employees". we look at how we can promote tolerance of tension and ambivalence in teams. We show how in modern teams the differences and resulting feelings of envy between freelancers and employees can paralyse teams or be positively integrated.
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In the current episode of our podcast "Insight out" we look at the topic of Pride and passion and why they are important for life and work in organisations. Especially in times like these - teams need strong positive emotions to get through tensions.

We'd love to have you listen in and look forward to your feedback!

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In our Seminars or webinars is about understanding in depth what is visible on the surface - micro-politics, team dynamics, resistances, emotional processes ... 

As your development partner, interactive work with you is very important to us. We are convinced that this will jump start sustainable processes, which will become part of your work and your organisation. 

If necessary, we adapt our products to your target group and your wishes

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* Literature recommendations
Hayes, S.C., Follette, V.M. & Linehan, M.M. (2012) Mindfulness and acceptance. Tübingen: DGVT


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