We enable spaces for reflection to move forward

We enable spaces for reflection to move forward

We use emotionality so that rationality can emerge

We use emotionality so that rationality can emerge

We are the experts for good cooperation

We are the experts for good cooperation

Who we are?

We are a manufactory - our work is handmade

We stand for high-quality and customised solutions. We design them in close cooperation with our customers.

We love complexity and want to understand comprehensively before we get started.

We have many years of experience in taking into account the dynamics between individuals, teams and organisations. With us, you can see what this means for your issue.

What is our expertise?

Our origin

We all started out as clinical psychologists, therapists, and human resource developers. We are passionate about the problems in the world of work and have gone beyond the remit of our traditional professional fields. We have studied the dynamics of teams and organisations through the lens of our expertise, and have done so with an understanding of individual and group dynamics. Some of us founded IPOM (Institute for Psychodynamic Organisational Counselling Munich) and offered further training on the psychodynamic understanding of organisations. Others treated patients with burn-out and wanted to tackle the root of the problem.

At M19 - Manufaktur für Organisationsberatung, we now know what our hearts beat for. An understanding of people and organisations in a scientifically sound way, giving powerful suggestions for further development.

How we work

Our offer

We like to think in triangles, starting at one corner, and working our way around. When advising an organisation, we always have the team dynamics and the dynamics of the individuals in mind. This increases the complexity and leads to a better reality.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Giernalczyk
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and expedition leader.
Guide. Develop. Create. Supportive. At M19, he moves people, perspectives, and companies forward.
Dr. Carla Albrecht
Psychologist, systemicist and aviator.
Revolutionary. Pragmatic. Scholar. Navigator. Implementer. Authentic. Communicative. At M19, she ensures the right altitude.
Dr. Mathias Lohmer
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and bridge builder.
Cultural Specialist. Reflective. Passionate. Community Builder. Agile. At M19, he connects cultures.
Annika Weber
Psychologist (M.Sc.), psychotherapist and emotional shifter.
Sensitive. Goal-oriented. Clear. Open. Courageous. Grounded. At M19, she maintains the right balance between moving forward and pausing.
Markus Zimmermann
Markus Zimmermann
Graduate in business administration, personnel developer and free space pilot.
Researcher. Evaluator. Complementary thinker. Sparring partner. Innovator. Community Builder. Approachable. Solution-oriented. At M19, he designs the consulting architectures for change processes.
Sina Feuerstein
Psychologist (M.Sc.), business economist (B.Sc.) and summit climber.
Strong in Teams. Confident. Open. Humorous. Versatile. Emphatic. Community Builder. At M19, she finds her way around steep terrain.
Anne Seybold
Businesswoman, finance minister and organisational talent.
Great with Numbers. Approachable. Structured. Realist. Persistent. Coordinator. Implementer. At M19, she provides support.
Calvin Bartel
Master of Science (Sociology), management coach and world changer.
Cosmopolitan. Experienced. Planner. Analytical. Determined. Serene. Diplomatic. At M19, he unites what seems to be opposites.
Dr. Philipp Horn
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and crisis expert.
Conveyor. Interceptor. Imaginative. Determined. Explainor. Accurate. Adept. At M19, he radiates calm and is swift to act.
Lena Schiestel
Lena Schiestel
Graduate psychologist, theatre scientist and impulse generator.
Knowledgeable. Empathic. Versatile. Confident. Systematic. Persevering. Value-oriented. At M19, she finds creative solutions for the supposedly unchangeable.
Martin Holle
Martin Holle
Graduate engineer, consultant and tracker.
Anchored. Pragmatic. Sensitive. Balancing. Impulse-giver. Knowledgeable. Analytical. At M19, he is a bridge to the digital world.
Prof. Dr. Philipp Martius
Specialist in psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, social medicine and clinical expert.
Experienced in managing clinics and staff. Professionally oriented. Friendly with a good sense of humour. Organiser. Community Builder. Investigator. At M19, he stands for leadership experience and expertise in healthcare.
Andrey Katurzhevskiy
Graduate economist, graduate psychologist and cultural expert.
Macro view of tasks. Foresighted. Meditative. Creative. At M19, he links German and Russian organisational cultures.
Anja Kluge
Psychologist (M.Sc.), architectural psychologist and idea generator.
Sees the big pictures. Doesn’t hesitate. Analytical. Thoughtful. Undaunted. Curious. At M19, she develops long-term solutions.


Psychologische Sicherheit

Psychologische Sicherheit

Veröffentlich am 2023-03-05 22:26:00
In dieser Folge sprechen Sina und Thomas über das Konzept „Psychologische Sicherheit“. Folgende und ähnliche Fragen werden beantwortet: Was ist Psychologische Sicherheit? Welchen Mehrwert hat Psychologische Sicherheit für Teams? Was können Führungskräfte tun, um Psychologische Sicherheit zu fördern? Shownotes: –Veröffentlichungen–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/bibliothek/ –Aktuelles–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/category/artikel/ –M19-Newsletter plus–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/newsletters/ – Kontakt – wir freuen uns jederzeit über Feedback, Nachrichten oder Fragen:podcast@m19-organisationsberatung.de


Veröffentlich am 2023-02-05 22:51:00
In dieser Folge sprechen Thomas und Markus Domeier über Entscheiden und darüber, was unsere Entscheidungen beeinflusst. Folgende und ähnliche Fragen werden beantwortet: – Warum sind Entscheidungen wichtig für Arbeit und Führung? – Welche Fehler werden bei Entscheidungen häufig gemacht? – Wie können wir Entscheidungen besser machen? Shownotes: –Veröffentlichungen–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/bibliothek/ –Aktuelles–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/category/artikel/ –M19-Newsletter plus–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/newsletters/ – Kontakt – wir...
Räume und Arbeit

Räume und Arbeit

Veröffentlich am 2023-01-16 09:38:00
In dieser Folge sprechen Carla und Anja über Räume & Arbeit und wie Räume unbewusst beeinflussen wie wir uns fühlen und verhalten. Folgende und ähnliche Fragen werden beantwortet: – Welche psychologischen Bedürfnisse müssen Räume erfüllen, damit wir uns darin wohlfühlen und produktiv arbeiten können? – Wie müssen Räume gestaltet sein, damit sie Austausch und Kreativität...


Veröffentlich am 2022-12-11 22:38:00
In dieser Folge sprechen Annika und Mathias über Resilienz und damit über die psychische Widerstandsfähigkeit. Folgende und ähnliche Fragen werden beantwortet: – Resilienz bedeutet psychische Widerstandsfähigkeit – was bedeutet das für Organisationen? – Welche Faktoren stärken unsere Resilienz? – Kann man Resilienz trainieren? Shownotes: –Veröffentlichungen–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/bibliothek/ –Aktuelles–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/category/artikel/ –M19-Newsletter plus–https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/newsletters/ – Kontakt – wir freuen uns jederzeit...
Gruppe oder Team

Gruppe oder Team

Veröffentlich am 2022-11-06 21:49:00
In dieser Folge sprechen Carla und Markus über den kleinen, aber feinen Unterschied zwischen Team und Gruppe Folgende und ähnliche Fragen werden beantwortet: – Wie unterscheiden sich Team und Gruppe und was bedeutet das für die Zusammenarbeit? – Was bedeutet das für mich als Führungskraft, ob ich ein Team oder eine Gruppe führe? – Wie...


Published on 2022-10-07 05:00:00
In this episode, Sina and Mathias talk about mentalisation and what it means for good cooperation to be able to empathise with others. The following and similar questions are answered: - How can we better empathise with others? - When does our ability to empathise with others suffer? - ...and what can we do about it? Shownotes:...


Published on 2022-09-05 21:03:00
In this episode, Carla and Thomas talk about containment and how it can create something new. The following and similar questions are answered: What does containment actually mean? How can something new be created through this attitude and communication method? What is its significance for leadership? Shownotes: -Publications-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/bibliothek/ -News-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/category/artikel/ -M19-Newsletter plus-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/newsletters/ - Contact - we are always happy to...


Published on 2022-07-05 05:03:00
In this episode, Sina and Thomas talk about micropolitics - knowing the good but not doing it. The following and similar questions are answered: - What is micropolitics? - Why micropolitics is not always bad? - What tactics are there and what are typical examples? Shownotes: -Publications-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/bibliothek/ -News-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/category/artikel/ -M19-Newsletter plus-https://m19-organisationsberatung.de/newsletters/ - Contact - we are happy...
Fördert Teamentwicklung Silobildung?

Does team development promote silo formation?

Published on 2022-06-05 21:30:00
Current topic series: Teams In this episode, Carla and Markus talk about team development and silo formation. The following and similar questions are answered: - What are the arguments for holding mainly cross-divisional events? - What are the arguments for planning workshops in the "small, own" team? - And what would a good synthesis look like in terms of the best...
Dunkle Triade: Narzissmus, Machiavellismus und Psychopathie

Dark Triad: Narcissism, Machiavellianism and Psychopathy

Published on 2022-05-01 21:58:00
Current topic series: Personality In this episode, Sina and Thomas talk about the Dark Triad and thus about narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The following and similar questions are answered: - What constitutes the dark triad - Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy? - How do these three traits show up in the world of work? - ... and how can...


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