Annika Weber

Psychologist (M.Sc.), psychotherapist and emotional shifter.
Sensitive. Goal-oriented. Clear. Open. Courageous. Grounded. At M19, she maintains the right balance between moving forward and pausing.

Psychologist (M.Sc.), psychotherapist specialising in behavioural therapy, group psychotherapist and coaching.

Focal points at M19

  • Team development
  • Conflict management
  • Prevention and treatment of burn-out
  • Change project concepts
  • Psychological diagnostics
Prof. Dr. Thomas Giernalczyk
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and expedition leader.
Guide. Develop. Create. Supportive. At M19, he moves people, perspectives, and companies forward.
Dr. Carla Albrecht
Psychologist, systemicist and aviator.
Revolutionary. Pragmatic. Scholar. Navigator. Implementer. Authentic. Communicative. At M19, she ensures the right altitude.
Dr. Mathias Lohmer
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and bridge builder.
Cultural Specialist. Reflective. Passionate. Community Builder. Agile. At M19, he connects cultures.
Sina Feuerstein
Psychologist (M.Sc.), business economist (B.Sc.) and summit climber.
Strong in Teams. Confident. Open. Humorous. Versatile. Emphatic. Community Builder. At M19, she finds her way around steep terrain.
Markus Zimmermann
Markus Zimmermann
Graduate in business administration, personnel developer and free space pilot.
Researcher. Evaluator. Complementary thinker. Sparring partner. Innovator. Community Builder. Approachable. Solution-oriented. At M19, he designs the consulting architectures for change processes.
Géraldine Emig
Psychologist (M.Sc.), systemic expert and military psychologist.
Mutig. Grenzsuchend. Feinfühlig. Kämpferisch. Klar. Innovativ. Richtungsweisend. Bei M19 ist sie die Expertin für psychologische Sicherheit.
Fabiola Krieg
Organisationspsychologin, Betriebswirtin und Tiefentaucherin.
Neugierig. Herzlich. Ideenreich. Tatkräftig. Zuversichtlich. Kontaktstark. Verbindend. Bei M19 führt sie sicher unter die Oberfläche.
Anne Seybold
Businesswoman, finance minister and organisational talent.
Great with Numbers. Approachable. Structured. Realist. Persistent. Coordinator. Implementer. At M19, she provides support.
Dr. Philipp Horn
Psychologist, psychoanalyst and crisis expert.
Conveyor. Interceptor. Imaginative. Determined. Explainor. Accurate. Adept. At M19, he radiates calm and is swift to act.
Lena Schiestel
Lena Schiestel
Graduate psychologist, theatre scientist and impulse generator.
Knowledgeable. Empathic. Versatile. Confident. Systematic. Persevering. Value-oriented. At M19, she finds creative solutions for the supposedly unchangeable.
Calvin Bartel
Master of Science (Sociology), management coach and world changer.
Cosmopolitan. Experienced. Planner. Analytical. Determined. Serene. Diplomatic. At M19, he unites what seems to be opposites.
Dr Petra Kingsbury
Diplom-Psychologin, Systemikerin und Perspektivenwandlerin.
Fokussiert. Erkundend. Vorangehend. Beziehungsorientiert. Verbunden. Gelassen. Präsent. Bei M19 inspiriert sie Menschen für neue Sichtweisen.
Anja Kluge
Psychologist (M.Sc.), architectural psychologist and idea generator.
Sees the big pictures. Doesn’t hesitate. Analytical. Thoughtful. Undaunted. Curious. At M19, she develops long-term solutions.
Franziska Bauernschmitt
Psychologist (M.Sc.), weigher and helmswoman.
Sharp in depth. Stunningly sure. Balancing power. Connecting. Cold water swimmer. Cordial. Accurate. At M19 she looks ahead for circumspection.
Annika Weber
Psychologist (M.Sc.), psychotherapist and emotional shifter.
Sensitive. Goal-oriented. Clear. Open. Courageous. Grounded. At M19, she maintains the right balance between moving forward and pausing.
Prof. Dr. Philipp Martius
Specialist in psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, social medicine and clinical expert.
Experienced in managing clinics and staff. Professionally oriented. Friendly with a good sense of humour. Organiser. Community Builder. Investigator. At M19, he stands for leadership experience and expertise in healthcare.
Martin Holle
Martin Holle
Graduate engineer, consultant and tracker.
Anchored. Pragmatic. Sensitive. Balancing. Impulse-giver. Knowledgeable. Analytical. At M19, he is a bridge to the digital world.