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We like to think in triangles. We usually start at one corner. When we advise an organisation, we always have the team dynamics and the dynamics of the individuals in mind. This increases the complexity and maps the reality better.





Change Management

We are experts in good cooperation and long-term development. With this attitude, we advise your organisation when changes are imminent from outside or inside. 

A successful change process requires not only rational decisions but also emotional work with the people who shape and experience this change process. For this we focus on: the willingness and ability to change and the work with the unconscious resistances and potentials in your organisation. 

Together with you, we develop the right change architecture that creates spaces for effective action and reflection. And at the same time is flexible enough to react to the unexpected. We accompany you step by step in the implementation.

Elements of our work:

  • The Architecture and Design Workshop 
  • Retrospective in Change 

Strategy development

We are experts in good cooperation and long-term development. 

With this attitude, we advise your organisation if you want to further develop your strategy.

We have the classic and the agile pole of your strategy development in mind:

Classic - we develop your longer-term strategy with you to secure the company and plan the path to your central goals with you. 

Agile - we support you in strategy development geared towards disruption and turbulence according to the "grassroots model", in which the existing resources are the starting point for different directions of goals.

In doing so, we use the emotionality that arises in strategy work to enable creative leaps. We help you to use resistance and to uncover and negotiate power and micro-political aspirations.  

Elements of our work:
  • Scenario work
  • Micropolitics and stakeholder analysis

Cultural development

We are experts in good cooperation and long-term development. 

With this attitude we advise your organisation if you want to understand and develop the culture of your organisation.

Organisations resemble water lilies (Ed Schein). The flower on the surface shows the visible structure of the cultural understanding, such as the spatial architecture, symbols, rituals, etc.. Below that are the professed values, which can be found in mission statements or strategy papers. And finally, there is the level of basic premises - the root - in which an organisation's very own worldview is found. Like any plant, the water lily will only blossom when the nutrients in the root are right. In this sense, we want to understand and develop the cultural understanding of your organisation in depth with you. 

In concrete terms, this means that corporate culture arises from the interaction of strategic goals, structures and processes as well as the way in which leadership and cooperation are experienced. 

Elements of our work:
  • Culture diagnosis
  • Leadership principles development


Management Team - Coaching

Coaching originally comes from supervision, which comes from Latin and means overview. With the problem of "not seeing the wood for the trees", supervision helps to get the necessary distance and thus to perceive the big picture again. In any leadership or board team, it helps to exchange the different perspectives of the individuals in order to reduce the risks of wrong decisions for the whole organisation. In the sense of a true leadership community, it is important to make hidden (factual and emotional) issues visible and discussable again. 

As external consultants, we help you to see the forest again. Supervision supports your leadership team as a regular companion in exchanging perspectives on content, reflecting on your team dynamics and dealing with disturbances. This enables effective and strategically targeted leadership.

Team development

Teams are similar to an ecosystem - like a biotope, all team members use the same habitat and the same resources in different ways. Good interaction creates fertile ground on which new things can emerge.

As in all ecosystems, even small changes and irritations in teams have an impact on their ability to perform and function. 

We help you to design the living space of your team in your organisation in such a way that it can both develop and regenerate itself when irritated. 

Team diagnosis: Adaptiveness is key

Even small changes in teams can have an impact on their ability to perform and function. In today's complex and volatile world, the adaptiveness of teams to these changes is the key factor influencing the success of organisations. 

The adaptability of a team does not depend on the single individual, but on the interaction of the team members and the team-specific set of skills, knowledge and experience. These team processes and dynamics have been intensively researched in recent years.
We now offer you the opportunity to use these scientific findings in practice. 

With the help of a validated questionnaire, we record the quality of your team in terms of adaptability and then develop tailor-made interventions together with you to increase the productivity of your team.

Elements of our work:
  • More Information on procedure and content here
  • You can find a short questionnaire with instructions HERE



Coaching means having a space - to pause, to reflect, to develop. 

It offers the chance to look at challenges in a professional context and develop new perspectives. It is important for us to understand you from your individual experience story. In this way we get to know you and you yourself better. New spaces for thought and action thus become possible. 

In addition to professional events, there are of course also private events that have an impact on the ability to work. It is often the transitional phases when things get difficult. Here we offer you the support you need. 


As a rule, we start with 5-8 coaching sessions (90 minutes each) - we will discuss the exact framework together.

Conflict mediation

Promoting innovation, developing creativity, initiating solution-seeking - these are positive effects of well-managed conflict talks. Failure to resolve conflicts creates stress for staff and management. In the long run, this can lead to massive stress for the individuals involved as well as for the organisation. lead. 

If conflicts escalate over a long period of time and cannot be resolved by the organisation's means, conflict mediation is a tried and tested method. Mediation helps to break down hardened fronts, to move from positions to interests, and to re-establish a Gain understanding for the perspectives of the other.

  • Individual conversation with conflict partner A
  • Individual conversation with conflict partner B
  • Joint discussions between conflict partners A & B

The duration and frequency of mediations are highly individual and will be discussed with you.

Sparring of leaders and leadership teams

We are experts in good cooperation and long-term development. 

With this attitude, we enter the "ring" with leaders and leadership teams who want a counterpart for particularly challenging tasks and disputes. 

Even more than coaching, sparring questions existing ideas, concepts and plans of leaders and leadership teams. Together, the available resources are examined and their best possible use for implementation in concrete leadership action and change management is tested. Possible solutions are examined for their viability for the concrete reality of the company. Complex projects are accompanied on the content and emotional level in an appreciative and critical manner. In this way, the clients' work is supported and their horizons of knowledge and experience are broadened.

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