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Wir suchen Verstärkung – Psycholog:in im Bereich Organisationsentwicklung in München

Veröffentlich am 2023-01-11 15:46:02
Wir bieten: Was Du mitbringen solltest: Deine Aufgaben: Wenn Du Teil unseres Teams werden möchtest, sende Deine Bewerbungsunterlagen bitte an Hier geht es zur Stellenanzeige (PDF).

Artikel „Der Beitrag W. R. Bions zu Gruppenanalyse und Organisationsberatung“ – Mathias Lohmer

Veröffentlich am 2022-10-21 06:46:23
Aus: Dietrich, G, Fossel, F (2022). Gruppenpsychoanalyse. Theorie, Geschichte und Praxisfelder der gruppenpsychoanalytischen Methode. Wien: Facultas, S. 78-86 Hier geht es zum Artikel (PDF).

Artikel „Die Freunde der Therapeuten – Selbstfürsorge und die guten inneren Objekte“ – Mathias Lohmer

Veröffentlich am 2022-10-14 07:54:23
Artikel in der PTT – Persönlichkeitsstörungen Theorie + Therapie 2022; 26 Hier geht es zum Artikel (PDF).

Article "Supervision in Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) of Severe Personality Disorders" - Mathias Lohmer & Susanne Hörz-Sagstetter

Published on 2022-07-06 10:03:14
Article in PTT - Personality Disorders Theory + Therapy 2.2022 Click here for the article (PDF).

Article "Cold Leadership" - Thomas Giernalczyk & Christian Schöpf

Published on 2022-07-06 09:58:51
Article in PTT - Personality Disorders Theory + Therapy 2.2022 Click here for the article (PDF).

Article "New Leadership - Leading in Agile Companies" - Thomas Giernalczyk & Heidi Möller

Published on 2022-02-18 09:49:07
Article in OSC - Organisationsberatung Supervision Coaching (Springer Verlag) Click here for the article (PDF).

Three cultural and organisational worlds

Published on 2021-11-08 13:45:33
Article by Larry Hirschhorn, Thomas Giernalczyk, Martin Holle, Mathias Lohmer and Markus Zimmermann in the magazine OSC - Organisationsberatung Supervision Coaching Click here for the article (PDF)

Article "Team discipline, hierarchy and authority" - Mathias Lohmer

Published on 2021-11-04 11:29:32
Article from the journal PTT Personality Disorders 2021; 25 Click here for the article (PDF).

We are here for you now!

Published on 2020-03-26 09:42:45
The Corona crisis is casting its spell over us all. This gives rise to a vague feeling of insecurity and being overwhelmed. At the same time, we are also alarmed and ready to react. We worry - but how can we also develop care for ourselves and others from this? How do we best live up to our responsibility? As an interdisciplinary team of experienced clinical psychologists and economists, we have a...

Article "From Old Work to New Work to Real Work" - Martin Holle, Mathias Lohmer, Markus Zimmermann

Published on 2019-04-17 09:48:13
Article published in the journal "OSC - Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching". Click here for the pre-print article (PDF) The final authenticated version is available online at: