Self-leadership in the home office - basics for good planning & structure

Self-leadership is the inner ability to organise oneself in such a way that one can use the available resources as optimally and efficiently as possible. Good self-leadership on the outside requires planning and structure as well as the creation of routines.

Here you will find helpful aspects for good self-management in the home office:

Planning and structure:

  • If possible, set up a place of retreat for working, including suitable aids (e.g. headset, external screen, wall for notes).
  • Create regular working hours: Create a daily agenda with clearly defined times, breaks and closing times.
  • Don't spend more than 60 per cent of your time on meetings - ask yourself critically: Which meetings do I really need to be at?
  • Reserve former travel time for responding to emails or pausing to think.
  • Create a personal Kanban with small tasks for a sense of achievement

Creating routines:

  • Check in and check out with colleagues (digitally and/or by phone)
  • Morning routine (e.g. consciously enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning)
  • Work breaks - e.g. short walks
  • Satisfy basic needs regularly
  • Have jour-fixe conversations or telephone calls while walking around

Helpful tools for good self-leadership:

  • Clockify - for regulated working hours
  • Trello - to keep the overview
  • Pomodoro technique - for regular breaks

Self-leadership from within

In addition to self-leadership on the outside, inner structure and positive emotion regulation are also important. In our seminar "Breathing deeply in the home office", you will learn which skills help you to remain internally structured and what is needed for good self-leadership on the inside. Here you will find more information on content and registration.



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